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Git Aliases & Shell

Today I took a look at one particular git repository's configuration and saw something slightly off in the configuration for a credential helper, dating from an old experiment with AWS CodeCommit. I decided to dig deeper to figure out what the actual rules are for shell commands inside git configuration files. This side-diversion took a bit longer than expected. It's a Sunday. Ah well. I've seen too much cargo-culted incorrect information online, so it was time to figure out an accurate answer.


Alpine Linux on ARM (Turris Router)

My home router is a Turris Omnia, which provides the option for running LXC containers; I use this for SSH jumphosts and other such things as belong “on the router itself”. Last night I decided that it was time to install an Alpine Linux container, to complement the Debian container which has been predominantly used to date. This presented a few issues, but all was done. In this post: networking from no-network, CIDR (classless) routes accepted over DHCP, and other quirks.