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Keybase unwedging

[ This post originally appeared as a Facebook note. ] Disclaimer: this goes deep into computing, cryptography policy, gross Unix fiddling with keys and the like. If computers bore you, spare yourself and just stop reading now. I first tried out so that I could provide an informed opinion for my then-CEO, at a previous employer. I was unimpressed with the security model, but conceded that it might improve usability enough to be worthwhile anyway.


Onwards Unto Tomorrow

[This post originally appeared on Medium] Today was my last day at Apcera, Inc. It’s a little bittersweet. I’m proud of the products we’ve built and cheered by the friendships made. The product we’ve worked on is incredible; it pretty much defines the market, having been repeatedly ahead of the curve. We’ve won multiple technical evaluations by sophisticated customers, where we’ve easily surpassed the competition, with product which exists and works today.