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Choosing how to handle comments on a website is non-trivial, if you care about doing it right. There are trade-offs to choose between, so as to handle the spectrum of concerns, between “Big corporations are evil data-gatherers who want to know where you live so that they can send the killbot drones when the day comes, so never use social media” to “there are a lot of people on the Internet, and only 0.



Mum had layers, strong opinions, and an unwavering moral compass. When she set her mind to a matter, no institution of man could turn her aside. I once, as a compliment, told her that she presented a sweet little old lady exterior, but that she was like a shark underneath, comparing her to Agatha Christie's Miss Marple. Mum took this as the intended compliment, with a smile on her face which still shines in my memory.