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Blog moved

As I mentioned in Forthcoming blog move, I was planning to switch my site hosting away from Google Blogger. Of course, that post was back in September.

I just spent a little time applying the fixes needed to have some basic styling; on the advice of my colleague Jon, I took a look at Foundation as a site framework; major points in its favour are that it touts semantic markup and accessibility, which are two issues that matter to me. As a bonus, the site looked fine in a text-mode (tty) browser. So I went with it.

The site is statically generated, using Hugo, a tool written in Go. The articles are now Markdown and at some point, I'll fix up old posts to be more readable. I contributed a few changes upstream, which included permalinks support so that I could make the base URL generation more closely resemble the format used by Blogger. I've stuck to the same layout, except that the canonical form is now a URL which is a directory, so that the filename extension disappears.

Jon helped with colour selection too; I just darkened the main text a bit to improve contrast and aid readability. Too many sites are dark-grey on light-grey. When I'm 80 and conducting archaeology on my past sites, I'd like to be able to read whatever I was blabbering on about.

I do not yet have comments enabled; when I get around to it (in the year 2021), it will be with (whatever in 2021 replaces) SocialSharePrivacy, as a framework for ensuring that no assets are loaded from other sites.

At present, one resource is loaded from elsewhere: some fonts, from Google's font-hosting. I haven't yet decided what to do about that.

It was my intention to host with GitHub, as I'm a paying customer of theirs and they have a resilient service. Unfortunately, one glitch encountered was preserving the URL feed at /feeds/posts/default; I can get a file into the right place, but I can't make requesting the directory get an index from the file index.atom, and the .atom extension is needed to get the correct MIME type. Nor could I see how to issue a 301 redirection for a directory, without having bad MIME types and data being delivered which naïve blog aggregators might pull in without following the link.

So I'm temporarily hosting on my single-homed colocation machine. As the new Atom feed states, the canonical URI is now (temporarily) /index.xml. I suspect my plan of action will become:

  1. convince Hugo to generate index.atom, perhaps even somewhere other than the top-level directory, and make that the permanent feed URL
  2. wait a bit longer for self-updating feed readers to pick up the new <link> from the feed and switch to the correct address
  3. add a redirection which forces a 301 instead, to coerce some more feed-readers
  4. wait a bit longer
  5. cut back over to GitHub, in so doing removing support for the old feed URL

-The Grumpy Troll

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