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Forthcoming blog move

Some might notice that this blog has been a little bare of posts lately. Aside from the time pressures of work, I got fed up enough with Google Blogger and the Comments duplicity that I constructed a new blog, but have yet to deploy it. I have been procrastinating on new posts, to avoid redoing migration work.

The New World Order shall consist of a static site, probably hosted by GitHub (of whom I am a paying customer), JavaScript protecting SocialSharePrivacy buttons (so that access to the blog doesn't even send requests to various social platforms, and you need to click on a button to “unlock” it, at which point your browser talks to the social media site), and the choice of commenting media therefrom. Disqus will be one option, as will Google+, and a few others, but it's a choice of you, the reader, as to which social sites you trust to receive tracking information about you.

I receive few enough comments, and rarely in a conversation thread, that I think I'll “survive” somehow as my reader-base fractures apart.

Existing comments have been moved across, as addenda to the posts, static text.

For those who browse the web with JavaScript disabled: first and foremost you have my kudos and regards for your tenacity and fortitude; second, it's a sign of my respect that I think you'll be able to find an email address for me and reach me that way.

The address of the blog shall remain unchanged, it will still be, and I think I succeeded in making article URL structure carry across such that no direct posts will break, but it's been a couple of months since I looked, so I'm not 100% sure of that. I'm not sure about RSS/Atom feeds.

Hopefully, in the next month or so I'll find time to sit down and debug the one remaining SSP glitch, migrate this one post over, double-check feed addresses and general URL backwards compatibility, deploy the content and cut DNS over.


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