The Grumpy Troll

Ramblings of a grumpy troll.


In February, my friend Brady Catherman became my business partner, as we founded Trivial, Inc.

We worked on developing infrastructure tools which are designed to make software development and maintenance on systems far easier, with an eye to serving the cloud-based scripted serving market.  During the initial weeks of this company, a mutual friend, Mike Abbott, introduced us to Derek Collison, an entrepreneur who was founding Apcera and gathering engineers with a passion for infrastructure problems.

Derek's vision for the future of cloud computing was extremely close to ours, with better business-side execution.  It quickly became obvious that we should join forces.

As of Monday, June 18th Brady and I will be joining Apcera.  We are both excited about joining, as well as being in a position to leave the funding and pitches behind in order to dive into hard engineering problems!

-Phil Pennock (the eponymous Grumpy Troll) and Brady Catherman.