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Unit of measurement for idiocy

  1. I send the announcement for the Exim 4.75 RC1 release candidate.
  2. I discover that a change in the build tools broke the doc/ directory population and that I'd failed to spot it before release. Mail a follow-up apologising.
  3. Fix the problem instead of heading to bed when Mrs Grumpy Troll wished me to.
  4. The next day, I take a couple of other fixes and put together the RC2 release.
  5. I send the RC2 announcement as a follow-up to the RC1 announce, so that there's context and I don't need to repeat everything
  6. I notice that I forgot to change the Subject: line

Clearly this is not going as well as it might. Perhaps I can plot a graph, time on the x-axis and idiocy on the y-axis. I could then figure out whether there's hope for me or if I need to give up the command-line as too complicated.


Phil P
How inclusive is your definition of "virus"? Wasn't it OpenSSH that had a backdoored trojan version uploaded to their FTP servers a few years back?

But we do PGP-sign all releases, include sha1 (and now sha256) in the release announcements, also PGP-signed, have the Maintainers cross-signing each others' PGP keys, in particular the uids on those keys and generally work to ensure that people can verify the integrity of the downloads, with strong identity assurance.

We even have a section on Release Verification in our proposed new Release Policy:
At least, shipping as source, you are relatively unlikely to include a virus.
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