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PGP keyserver interface

This evening's minor tinkering: my web UI front-end to querying my PGP keyserver now uses AJAX to populate a list of servers that you can query instead of having to query mine.

No JavaScript, no problem, you just don't even get shown a list of alternative servers and the functionality still works for querying mine.

The list of servers is populated from the complete list of servers in the SKS peering mesh. Note that the hostnames of nodes are self-declared and are sometimes non-resolvable. sigh

Web UI at:

Implemented with some JavaScript for AJAX and my existing spidering mesh, written in Python, which just gained another end-point, delivering up a JSON object with a list of servers. If the mesh hasn't been populated yet, the client JavaScript will just ask for a list of only those servers in my own membership file.

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Phil P
RogerBW, you're after:
which will work for keys in the Strong Set.
Any chance of a key-traceroute? (I.e. "I have key X, is there a valid signing path to key Y?")