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A brief parting of ways

Farewell, sweet Internet.  I know you so well, your inner workings and your dark secrets.  But it shall be but a brief parting; filled with sorrow and pain, but yet brief, as time is reckoned outside your embrace.  For though I shall disconnect the cable-modem shortly, in but nine days time I and mine, having become ensconced in our new domicile, shall be reconnected unto thee once more.  Nay, not merely reconnected, but on more intimate terms, as Business Class shall bring us together without the vines of sand attempting to throttle us or the watchman limiting our total bandwidth per lunar cycle.

And should you call out in the meantime, I may yet be able to reach you, thanks to the thin, meager but far-reaching connectivity of the WAN card.  If I be not driving, but in the passenger seat, we may yet talk.


[no, neither sandvine nor the monthly caps have ever actually bitten me, they're not the reason for moving to business class in our new home]

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