The Grumpy Troll

Ramblings of a grumpy troll.

The Troll Awakens

Once, I sneered at the word "blog".  Today, I still feel that the word is abysmal and a sign of  social exclusion, rather than having any real purpose.  Yet I have become a realist and the word "blog" is now generally accepted.

So this grumpy, cynical, troll has finally succumbed.

What will I be posting?

Mostly technical content.  How-tos, rants, monographs and more.  Over the years, I've written a number of emails with useful content; I'll probably dig through some archives and extract some and massage them into blog postings.

When will I be posting?

No idea.  I might go months between posts, I might occasionally post multiple times per day.  Use of a blog reader, such as Google Reader, is probably wise.

Who am I?

A computer caretaker for a big Internet company; my official job-title is "Site Reliability Engineer".  I speak on my own behalf only.  Occasionally, I'll mention products from my employer, but also from competitors.  This is natural, given that my area of expertise is closely aligned to topics in which my employer has products and services.
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