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Email address validity

This is a valid email address to reach me:
 Phil Pennock <a~`*&^$#_-={}'?>

Does your mail-handling code accept that perfectly legitimate email address? It's not a catchall, it's explicitly configured as an address to reach me. If it can't be parsed, why not?

FWIW, I'm quite happy that this address is not likely to be successfully harvested by spammers. :-)

Other addresses that are legitimate in form:
  • <"">
  • <"fred bloggs">
  • <" foo  ">
  • <"X'); DROP TABLE domains; DROP TABLE passwords; --">

-The Grumpy Troll

PS: see also email-cooperation from earlier this month.


Phil P
Right, usernames are constrained by POSIX to be built from the Portable Filename Character Set (and to not start with a hyphen). This allows for [A-Za-z0-9._-] (not including the square brackets).

But you can have this as an alias, or anything else -- mailboxes are not required to map to usernames.
Michelle Konzack
This is realy great, but it works only if your E-Mail is a Virtual one and NOT a UNIX account.

Or do you have already tried to:
useradd a~`*&^$#_-={}'?b

Have a nice day
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