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Jitsi & Certificates

I’ve been on the lookout for an XMPP client I could trust, for macOS. Trust is a loaded term, but in this context, it means: Either not written in C, or very proactive about security updates OTR support Source code available, should I choose If installing binary packages, signed releases which can be verified. Today I installed Jitsi. It’s written in Java and is a little slow to start, but I’ll take that if it means my account isn’t compromised by anyone who can send me a friend request.


I'm Back

This blog saw a bit of a hiatus; I’m back, I might post a little more often. Longer version: I had used custom-patches to the engine’s code-base to get group-by-time functionality for constructing the side-bar, but while I offered the patches upstream, I lost the time to write tests too. Life at a start-up, my time disappeared again and various factors led me decide to not spend what little time I had on the static site generator’s codebase.


Onwards Unto Tomorrow

[This post originally appeared on Medium] Today was my last day at Apcera, Inc. It’s a little bittersweet. I’m proud of the products we’ve built and cheered by the friendships made. The product we’ve worked on is incredible; it pretty much defines the market, having been repeatedly ahead of the curve. We’ve won multiple technical evaluations by sophisticated customers, where we’ve easily surpassed the competition, with product which exists and works today.



Choosing how to handle comments on a website is non-trivial, if you care about doing it right. There are trade-offs to choose between, so as to handle the spectrum of concerns, between “Big corporations are evil data-gatherers who want to know where you live so that they can send the killbot drones when the day comes, so never use social media” to “there are a lot of people on the Internet, and only 0.



Mum had layers, strong opinions, and an unwavering moral compass. When she set her mind to a matter, no institution of man could turn her aside. I once, as a compliment, told her that she presented a sweet little old lady exterior, but that she was like a shark underneath, comparing her to Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple. Mum took this as the intended compliment, with a smile on her face which still shines in my memory.